Toy Wizard's World of RC - Wildfly 3D
Christmas 2005 brought some new RC goodies, as usual!
This is a 3D foamy that I've had my eye on and my wife got me for Christmas.    She got me absolutely everything you could need to go with it - micro servos, speed control, etc.   This should be perfect with my Hitec Eclipse 7 computer TX.

In the pic below, she's all ready to go!
When I first tried out the Wild Fly, I started with a 2 cell lipo battery, and found it just didn't have the power I expected.  It just didn't want to climb.  After many minor crashes and fixes, I put in a 3 cell lipo and what a difference!  I didn't even have to toss the plane - it would just stand up and take off!

However... she doesn't crash well...
It just so happens that I have another kit just waiting to be put together.
So there will be another chapter in the Wild Fly 3D.
All I lack is time.
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Pretty plane, and mighty pretty in flight.