Toy Wizard's World of RC - Skyrunner
Made by Hobbico
33.7" wingspan
electric, 2 channel
All Content Copyright 2002,
Scott L. Golden
--All Rights Reserved--
I've seen many comments online that the Skyrunner doesn't fly well because it's too heavy.
My flights have been great, but I do agree that once you begin making repairs you must be extremely careful not to add any weight. 
Tower Hobbies was selling this plane, complete with radio, charger, and two batteries -
all for the bargain price of $65.00!
Footnote:  After many repairs, the Skyrunner was just too heavy.
We ordered a second one, and found out why there were so many negative comments online about this plane.
It's maiden voyage became it's only voyage - as it immediately nose-dived and destroyed itself beyond repair! 
The tail section snapped off completely.