Toy Wizard's World of RC - Estes Presidential VIP Airliner
Father's Day 2005 brought a new RC toy.   
The Estes Presidential VIP Airliner RC Jumbo Jet.
It has 2 electric ducted fan jet engines, over a 4' wingspan,  and 1000' flying range.
Came with two 7.2 volt batteries.  The transmitter takes 6 AAA batteries.
The jet resembles one of the big styrofoam planes you can buy at Wally World, but is put together very well.  Wings are pressed in and the engines are held on with elastic, so she's designed to survive crashes.  Always a good thing!

Very pretty in flight. 

Unfortunately, this back yard is just not big enough for such a big, slow moving plane.
It's too slow to turn and I found myself simply running out of yard.
One of those "too slow" turns resulted in an upleasant meeting between the plane and a tree.
Eventually I was able to retrieve the plane,
and have saved all the guts for some
future project.
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