Toy Wizard's World of RC - Nitro Trucks
Duratrax Maximum ST
Our first experience with nitro trucks was with a pair of DuraTrax Maximum ST stadium trucks -
one for myself and one for my son.
Above and left:

Shots of the truck
without the body.
The two trucks, decals applied and ready to roll.
The family that plays together...
These trucks are unbelievably fast and responsive!
If these trucks have a drawback it's that they've
totally spoiled us and we'll never be able to
go back to the old Nikko Thors.
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The Maximum STs have been going strong for a couple years now, though the "fleet" has certainly grown.  
On a fall day in 2005, my son and I were running our Evaders in the driveway, but after I broke the rear pan on mine I took my Maximum ST out. 
The Max ST usually runs better than the T-Maxx.