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This blimp was nearly 3' long.  Found it to be severely limited as to power, and range was less than 20 feet.

So we found a better use for it...
Used the motors and receiver to make this Pool Boat.
A foam meat tray is the base.
Works great in the pool!
We call this the Snowboat.  It's like one of those airboats they use in the Everglades.  It has a .40 nitro engine and an 8" prop.  The rudder steers it.

One FAST machine.
Good use for an E-Gull that's seen better days.
The E-Gull sled started out with tin skis, but we found foam skis worked better.
Kind of a neat little rig, but not nearly as much fun as the snowboat.
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Picked up this boat at Wal-Mart.  It was powered by 4 AA batteries and the power left a lot to be desired.  So we added MORE POWER!
First, a 2 cell li-poly.  Then we tried a 3 cell. 
Now it goes so fast it floods itself with the super wake it creates!
With the 3 cell it burned out the receiver/speed control combo, so we put in a Traxxas speed control and receiver and converted it to a better radio.
Good for pool fun.
In Dec. of 2008, Santa brought a MicroFly...