Toy Wizard's World of RC - Intruder

19" Wingspan
Electric Twin-motor Foamy
This was a great Christmas present from my wife.
It survives better than any other plane in my fleet!
Wonderful backyard flier.
For only $60., this plane has given us tons of fun!
(from left to right)
one-channel flier, free-flight, and the intruder
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Years later, the Intruder is still around in slightly different form.  The charger has been changed - for the better - and they have come out in different color schemes.
But the Intruder is still as much fun as ever, and the price is usually nearer $40. now, which is another plus.

My latest Intruders have been of the Spiderman design, thanks to recent movie releases, I'm sure. 
It looks pretty nice in the sky, and is STILL fun to fly!
The Intruder is one of those things where you can take it out and fly in a large back yard - at a moment's notice.  So even if you only find yourself with a spare half hour you can easily get some flights in.
It doesn't have to be expensive
to be FUN!