Toy Wizard's World of RC - Duratrax Evader
Got my son an Evader for Christmas 2004, and we were very impressed with the quality, durability
and the traction of this 2 WD car.

It's on my wish list now. 
In the pix above, the Evader (on the left) is shown with the E-Maxx I got for Christmas.  A couple of very sharp looking vehicles!
The Evader did a better job climbing this impromptu ramp than did the E-Maxx.
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We had our annual Birthday Weekend on June 11th.   My son's birthday is 2 days before mine, so we celebrate them on the nearest weekend and that always involves some RC fun.  If I'm lucky, and I usually am, it also means a new RC toy!
I got my
Dura Trax Evader!
As mentioned above, I've wanted one ever since
my son got his at Christmas. 
It's well-made, and since it's lighter than the
E-Maxx and T-Maxx and  2 wheel drive, you can do donuts forever!   Great fun!
First damage: a bit of a problem with an A arm.  :)
A million dollars in spare parts but we don't have an A arm!!!  Looks like another order at Tower is in order.
Had a lot of fun on a fall day in 2005 running trucks in the driveway.   The Evader is lots of fun and does great on jumps!
Christmas 2005 brought a new Duratrax Evader ST Pro
for my son.   Pic shows a comparison of the two.  We didn't expect the differences to be so great, but the Pro is a much better car.  It has Intellispeed speed control and a 15 turn ball bearing motor, along with bow tie tires.
It kicks butt!
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