Toy Wizard's World of RC - Aero Ace
I had read a lot online about how the Aero Ace was such a neat little backyard flyer.  My wife got me one for my birthday.    I knew it was small, but how small it was surprised me.  How nice it flew REALLY surprised me.
What a perfect little plane to fly in even a small backyard!
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This little plane is gaining in popularity every day.
There are tons of posts on various RC forums right now, and people are modifying them in many ways...
lights for night flying, adding landing gear, even removing the lower wing.
Many planes that claim to be backyard flyers are really only suited for a very large backyard, but this little gem is a ton of fun and would be suitable for a small yard or a vacant parking lot.  Seems pretty resilient, too.

UPDATE:  We got the Aero Aces in 2006, and were still flying them on occasion five years later.