Toy Wizard's World of RC - Aero Ace Charging Mod Pix
An improvement over the charging system that comes with the Aero Ace can be made by
replacing regular AA batteries with Wally World rechargeable 2100 mah batteries and soldering a
battery connector to connect to your favorite 7.2 volt battery.
Solder the positive red wire to where the lower pink arrow indicates,
and the top negative white wire to where the top pink arrow indicates.
Back of transmitter

When pulling transmitter apart:
remove the four screws in the back,
remove batteries,
remove screws under the batteries,
unscrew the antenna and remove (may pull hard).
You will need to cut the FCC sticker at the seam in order to separate the transmitter halves.   In order to feed the wires for your recharging battery, you will need to dremel out a hole in the front of the case (we just enlarged the hole for the charging jack).

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