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  The MX400 is very stable, can handle minor wind, and is capable of carrying a 1 lb. payload.  You can mount a point and shoot camera or Go Pro HD and take high definition video.  (Camera not included.)
The 4 brushless outrunner motors and 6 axis gyro deliver high performance but stable flight.  The MX400 also comes in a nice aluminum case.

Kit Includes:

MX400 helicopter with blades and tall landing gear
DEVO 7 Transmitter 2.4GHz
Camera mount with servo (allows turning of dial on Tx for in flight up/down camera movement)
LED kit (includes 4 red, 4 white, 4 flashing LED strips) for night flying
11.1V Battery 2300mAh 30C
USA Charger GA005
Aluminum Case: foam cut-outs for transmitter, battery, charger, blades, etc.   (I only wish the case would accomodate the assembled unit.)