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I thought this was going to be great.  Such was not the case.  It's a handful.  Extremely hard to control.  There is no trimming it out - it's totally inconsistent.
Though the ad said "it's the Art-Tech latest and exciting mini X6 equipped with advanced 6 axis stabilizing system ..." there is NO stabilizing system.  When we complained to Hobby Wow that the ad had said it had a stabilizing system, they said "there is no stabilizing system.  You can handle it more carefully and reduce operating margin."
Their website said this was easy enough for a "beginner" to fly, but I would strongly disagree with that!   This is the first small "quad" we've gotten with which we are unhappy.
My son likes these mini quads a lot, too, and he had the exact same results when he tried this Mini X6.   We do not recommend this one.