RTF mini Quad
The Hubsan X4 H107 is a 2.4 GHz mini quad that comes ready to fly.
It is small enough to use inside, as well as out.
It is much like the Traxxas QR-1, but a bargain version from Hong Kong.
We ordered it from and also ordered 2 extra batteries as well as 2 extra sets of props, and it still came to only fifty bucks plus change!

The Hubsan is a mere 60 x 60mm and comes with the following:
1 battery (3.7V 240 mAh)
1 USB charging cable
1 transmitter (proprietary, unfortunately)
1 user manual

It boasts a 9 minute flight and a charge time of 30 minutes.

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Several changes have been made to the Hubsan and the new, improved model is known as the Hubsan X4 H107L.

Among the changes:
*LED lights in the front and back.  They are different colors and can be turned off if not needed.
*Soft pads have been added for cushioning in case of a hard landing
*They have changed the DIP oscillator into an SMT oscillator, which is more reliable
*Added an anti-flip function in expert mode
*The distance between rotor and motor has been shortened
*The RC's control distance has been lengthened from 30 m to 100 m
There is also a protective cover available to help protect the rotor blades from hitting walls or ground if it crashes upside down.  The new Hubsan is also supposed to be made of a more durable composite plastic.
Price is still under $50.
Above is the new and improved Hubsan.
Below is a video of its first flight, including at night.
The next Hubsan model featured a camera - the Hubsan X4 H107C.
Pretty much the same model as the above two except for the addition of the camera.
I was lucky enough to get this one in a beautiful red body.
My wife says these little Hubsans are cute as a bug's ear!
They fly really well, too.  The camera on this one is not the greatest, but then what do you want for less than $75.00?   They claim the camera is .3 megapixels and it uses a micro SD card (not supplied).  It does take a decent video, but it's extremely hard to turn on and off as the button is very small.  It also has worked intermittently for me, even when I was sure the button was pressed (there is a super tiny red light that will show).